Your back hurts and you would like to manage it yourself?

Then selfBACK is the solution for you!

Get your own custom self management program each week, based on your condition and capability. Available in the first half of 2021, in App Store and Google Play.

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About selfBACK

About selfBACK

Below you find some of the other features that selfBACK include

Personalized Plan

Custom made exercise programs. Based on your state, a program will be tailored for you. You decide how often and the length of the sessions.

Weekly Updates

Each week your program will be updated, based on your performance throughout the previous week, a new program will be developed.

Outplay The Pain

Learn to understand what is causing your pain and how to take preemptive measures, in order to reduce the frequency in the future.

First of its kind

In order to offer the best solution, selfBACK make use of the latest technology together with the best practice. A combination of physical activity, exercises and educational material tailored specifically for you.

Tailored Weekly Plan

There is not two people whose condition is the same. Each week you will receive an updated exercise plan based on your previous week’s performance. It will adjust according to how well you did during your exercise sessions, together with your physical activity level.

Content for you

Each week you will asked a few questions. These will impact the content you receive the following week, so we know what is relevant for you.

World Class Team

Leading researchers in the field of low back pain, together with AI specialists, App developers and venture developers are the team behind selfBACK.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

NTNU has the main national responsibility for education and research in engineering and technology

University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) offers world class education and is committed to an international perspective, at all levels.

University Of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow has been changing the world with its research and teaching for over 560 years

National Research Center for the working environment

NFA’s tasks are to conduct research, disseminate research and educate researchers to help develop a healthy and safe working environment

Robert Gordon University

Based in Aberdeen, and has consistently had one of the best graduate employment rates and a reputation for high quality teaching.

Health Leads

Health Leads is an Amsterdam based, international venture development company, specialized in the fields of digital health, technology transfer and finance.

Trade eXpansion

Trade eXpansion is a danish based app development company, with more than 10 years of experience developing apps.

You Also Get

Below you find some of the other features that selfBACK include

Activity Tracker

Track your daily activity with the step monitoring


Learn about back pain with daily educational messages

Track Your Progress

Follow your progress and activity levels

Versatile Schedule

Plan your activities after your schedule


Get reminders if you forget to do your exercises


Receive motivational messages on a daily basis

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